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Why we worship basoda after Holi?

As soon as the festival of colours is over, the whole of India comes to a pause after going through a series of festival celebration, filling them with reverence and happiness. There is a traditional saying, “Aayi Teej (Hariyali Teej), bakher gayi beej| Aayi Holi, Bhar gayi jholi”, which translates to “When the festival of Teej (August-September) comes, it sows the seed and initiates the commencement of festivals and when the Holi (February-March) comes, it blesses the person with grains and hence, the festivities come to end.”

But since, India is a land of sages and saints who are the genuine well-wishers of everyone born in the land of Bharatvarsha, they know about each nook and cranny of the habits of human beings. In the season of spring, the people celebrate Holi and since the body has accumulated a lot of Kapha in itself, there comes a time of seasonal change when pitta suddenly starts to liquefy the Kapha due to the heat of upcoming summer, making people prone to diseases of respiratory system like Rhinitis, Bronchitis and other respiratory tract infections.

These infections cause people to suffer and have a decreased output. Therefore, to mitigate this suffering, the festival of basoda is celebrated on the seventh day after Holi or on the coming Monday after Holi.

Basoda literally translates to “Stale food and water”. As per ayurvedic system, stale food is very good to mitigate the high levels of pitta. Since the food is kept overnight, it becomes cool and dense, restoring the Kapha to its normal state and calming the pitta levels in our body.

Since people are supposed to rise early in the morning, it increases the immunity and the elders apply a haldi (Turmeric) tilak on everyone’s head. The antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and kapha-pitta pacifying property of Haldi makes it the best chosen tilak at basoda.

The preparations are sweet rice, sweet pakodas and other sweet items, which are helpful to pacify pitta and restore Kapha.

The puja of basoda invokes Devi Sheetala, who is supposed to keep the children of the family away from measles, mumps, small pox and chicken pox.

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